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Universal College of Engineering & Technology

Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University

Degree and Diploma Engineering College



The Department of Humanities & Sciences aims for the betterment of the students’ community. The basic requirement of the professional students is the communication skills, inter-personal skills, Aptitude, reasoning ability, apart from the technical skills. Realizing the need of the hour the

Department is doing its best to improve the student’s abilities. In engineering courses when student get admission he/she has to study 4 year in following manner. The general subjects of Humanity & Science related mostly exist in 1st & 2nd year of Engineering.

Our faculties are working and teaching subjects of Diploma & Degree courses in 1st & 2nd year are,

Mathematics Management
Physics CPD (Contributor Personality development).
Communication Skills Chemistry

These subjects are helpful to engineering students to understand the basic concepts of their core branch. So basically our Department is aimed to act as a buffer for the new entrants, with an objective to provide sufficient time for the transition to hardcore engineering courses which they have to study in last 2 year. 


At the beginning of BE when student just enter in 1ST SEM he/she is less adequate for core engineering education. Considering this gap GTU has introduce “Bridge Course” which is 6 week program commence before beginning of 1st SEM engineering study. Our Department plays a crucial role to make a bridge between school & college level education by teaching majority subjects of Bridge Course.

Various Activities during the Term

General Department also plays key role to teach subjects like,

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • English
  • Life Skills
  • State Cadet Corps (SCC)

These subjects give them a breather, to prepare themselves before courses for first year engineering commence and also during the 1st year.

These subjects are learnt by giving them power point presentation, arranging group discussion, and also by various methodologies. It makes them knowledgeable and capable for any challenges which they have to face in life.

Our Department is also involved in general activities like the tree plantation, blood donation camp and Thalassemia test etc. for the betterment of the society as well as for students.

In Bridge course Students will be groomed for the foundation subjects of

  • Mathematics
  • Elements of Engineering
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • English
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Life Skills
  • State Cadet Corps (SCC)

THE GENERAL DEPARTMENT contains practical labs which are used by all the students of 1st year of engineering. Our Department has well equipped labs used in Diploma & Degree Engineering courses like

Language lab(Degree Engineering)

The Department of English remains as the backbone and the pillar of support to the entire Engineering departments in inculcating communication skills to all the young budding Engineers. The Department strives hard to visualize its goal, the students to gain a considerable command over their language; make the students realize the needs of the fast growing corporate sectors and incarnating them accordingly.
To make the process of learning English more effective & authentic the English department conducts lab sessions, spoken English, development of presentation skills & creative writing.
A team of well trained and committed staff members walk through the way in enlightens and Educating the students in all their endeavors.

Our institute aims at developing the functional and communicative abilities of the students in English. We have developed advanced language lab which contains:
i. Digital English Language Laboratory
ii. Language laboratory software(WORDSWORTH)
iii. Headphones with microphone
iv. Computers and Computer furniture


Without any doubt one can pronounce that students must have adequate knowledge of physics to understand their core engineering subjects more comfortably.
Engineering, being the science of measurement and design, has been offspring of Physics that plays the primary role in all professional disciplines of engineering. We offer Engineering physics courses for I and II semester undergraduate Engineering programs of various disciplines. The Department provides a strong basis for the Engineering students. It also provides practical knowledge to the students by offering practical physics courses relevant to the theoretical physics.
The different streams of Physics like Optics, Acoustics, Semiconductor Physics, Energy Studies, etc provide Fundamental Facts, Principles, Laws, and Proper Sequence of Events to streamline Engineering knowledge. With considering all above engineering applications we have developed Physics lab with variety of practical.
Experiments in Physics Lab are relevant to particular program and students will be motivated to learn and enjoy
the study of Physics as if it is one of the subjects of their own stream.

APPLIED PHYSICS LAB (Diploma Engineering)

The different streams of Physics like SI units & measurements, force & motion, surface tension, viscosity, Heat transfer, waves and sound Acoustics of building, light & nanotechnology etc. provide Fundamentals facts, principles, laws & proper sequence of events to streamline Engineering Knowledge. We offers Physics subject for the Semester I in Diploma Engineering program. And also it possesses a Physics lab (Practical) for Diploma students.

APPLIED CHEMISTRY LAB (Diploma Engineering)

Applied Chemistry forms the part of applied science & study of basic concepts of Chemistry like bonding, corrosion, water treatment & different engineering materials like Polymers, paints. Glasses, cement, refractoriness and awareness of pollution in chemical industries etc. Chemistry is concerned with the changes in structure & properties of matter. We offers Applied Chemistry subject for the Semester I in Diploma Engineering program. And also it possesses a Chemistry lab (Practical) for Diploma students.


The Department of mathematics works vigilantly in teaching and training the nuances of certain mathematical applications which are very helpful in our day to day life. Students are trained to arrive at the apt solution with critical problems.  For Mathematics, one can say that

“Engineering + Maths = Everything &
Engineering – Maths = Nothing”

The student have to learn Calculus (Semester I), Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra (Semester II), Advance Engineering Mathematics (Semester III) and Complex Analysis and Numerical Analysis (Semester IV) in Degree engineering for all the branches. We are offering Mathematics-I and Mathematics-II in Diploma Program.


The world is changing. With the challenges facing us on a global level (sustainability, health, environmental protection) there is a new need for companies and organizations to integrate technical and business skills to solve these difficult problems. In the complex, competitive world of technology driven industry, skilled engineers who understand the essential principles of business have a tremendous competitive advantage. We are offering Management-I in 4th semester and Management-II in 5th semester degree engineering course in all branches. Faculty is also emphasizes on practical session on team building, Group behavior, strategic management etc. It is a crucial fact that it is important to study management in order to work as an employee or to become an employer or to own a successful organization.

Motto:- “Integrated Development and Innovation in Technology”